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Draft: Migrate code base to astro

Cobalt requested to merge astro-koneko into koneko

WIP Draft: Migrate from svelte-kit to astro


The codebase will migrate again to another SSG, from sveltekit -> astro.

Progress will for testing purposes be tracked in outline.

<rant> WHY svelte-kit developers did you think changing to directory-based routing was a good idea? Yes, I've read the issue, no, I don't think its worth it. </rant>


We would need to alias all sites and/ or break SSR in ugly ways. At that point migrating to astro is unfortunately less work.

Side Effect

  • Frontmatter will go from TOML -> YAML
  • Some imports need to be rewritten (will be done by @cobalt)
  • Some components need to be reworked to work with astro

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